ARA Chicago

A Photo Recap: ARA’s Speed Mentoring Event on 4/9/2014

Mentoring is at the cornerstone of ARA’s mission and last week we hosted a speed mentoring event (sponsored by Greenberg Traurig) to facilitate introductions between potential mentors and mentees. This speed mentoring forum gives women in technology the opportunity to meet each other and determine if there is a fit for an ongoing mentoring relationship. The photos below capture the conversations and networking that are common at ARA speed mentoring events.

Jane Hamner, manages time clock

Time flies when you’re talking to interesting people! Jane Hamner, ARA co-founder, monitors the clock and keeps everyone on track so there is ample time to meet potential mentors and mentees.

Speed mentoring conversations

After the timer reaches 6 minutes, the mentees move to their left and continue networking. Suggested discussion questions are provided, in addition to advice on how to get the most from a mentoring relationship here.

Shaking hands at mentoring event

No, this isn’t a staged photo! Megan McCann, ARA co-founder, shakes hands with Britni Salazar from RIVS at the start of their 6-minute conversation.

Networking at ARA event

There is time built in for additional networking.  Some women are not ready or don’t have time to commit to a mentoring relationship, but can still come and meet like-minded women (like Bo Peng from Datascope Analytics and Brittany VanPutten from Cappex).

Mentors at ARA event

The ARA co-founders pose with several of the evening’s mentors. If you are a female leader in the tech space, please consider sharing your experiences as a mentor. There are many bright young women in technology eager to learn from you. Learn more about becoming a mentor here.

Thank you again to the great participants that joined this event and are committed to attracting, retaining and advancing women in technology. Please stay tuned for future events here.