ARA Membership

Our Mission

ARA Mentors MembershipARA aspires to Attract, Retain, and Advance women in technology by cultivating relationships via mentorship, events and programs. We nurture strong female professionals who can support, inspire and advance the IT community.

Mentorship & Collaborative Learning

Active in six markets – Chicago, New York, Seattle, Houston, Silicon Valley and Denver – ARA offers a formal mentoring program as well as regular learning and networking events. From moderated panels to roundtable discussions, each event is designed to provide members with advice and insight on how to advance and succeed in their careers. ARA events average 150 attendees but attendance can range from 50 to 300 depending on format.

Commitment to Inclusion

The challenge of getting more women into IT jobs and technology leadership cannot be solved in isolation. For that reason, ARA invites both women and men to be part of the discussion and the solution. All ARA programs are collaborative and inclusive, welcoming female and male panelists, executive sponsors and mentors who are committed to shattering stereotypes and advancing the role of women in IT.

Member Value

ARA membership provides women in technology with access to an established and enthusiastic community of executives, mentors and peers. To date, the ARA network includes more than 2,500 women and men and six chapters across the country. At the local level, members have numerous opportunities to:

  • Actively engage with likeminded professionals
  • Participate in leadership development
  • Explore career path challenges and opportunities
  • Network with industry leaders, tech experts and peers
  • Leverage our mentor network for personal coaching and development
  • Increase community involvement

Online Platform: MentorCloud

All ARA members also enjoy exclusive access to MentorCloud, a dynamic platform that offers a multitude of tools and resources critical for navigating the everyday challenges of professional development in the technology industry. Through MentorCloud, members are able to build a national network, connect with peers and tap into valuable career development resources. Once profiles have been created, MentorCloud technology enables mentorship matching to connect new members with mentors who can provide career advice, insight and support. Through MentorCloud, members have the ability to contribute content, ask questions and participate in the national ARA community of mentors, mentees and other business and industry leaders.

Member Levels

Individuals can join ARA and subscribe to the level depending on their goals and needs. Levels include:


VIP Membership
Direct Access to Online Platform
Opportunity for a Mentor/Mentee Profile Feature on ARA Website
VIP Status at Events: Free entry to ARA events local to your market (up to 3 per year)
Network across all markets
Programs, Workshops, Career Resources
ARA Quarterly Newsletter
Ability to submit guest blogs on ARA website
Associate Membership
Direct Access to Online Platform
Network across all markets
Programs, Workshops, Career Resources
ARA Quarterly Newsletter
ARA Supporter
ARA Quarterly Newsletter
Event Notification

Membership dues are nonrefundable and are charged on an annual basis.

Membership Eligibility

ARA membership is open to:

Mentors: ARA mentors are women and men in senior IT leadership roles (i.e., CIO, CTO, Vice President, Director), and senior business leaders in positions that touch technology (i.e., CMO, Vice President/Director or Marketing and/or Sales). Mentors are professionals who are seeking a rewarding experience, willing to invest time each week and able to serve as a resource to one or more ARA mentees.

Mentees: ARA mentees are female technology practitioners and leaders with 3+ year’s corporate IT experience or 3+ years of experience in role supporting technology (i.e., Marketing and Sales). ARA members aspire for continued career advancement and are willing to invest the time to develop the necessary skills.

If you do not want to be matched with a mentor, but still want to join the ARA network and the dynamic online platform, you may do so as long as you meet the minimum requirements:

  • 3+ years corporate/startup IT experience or 3+ years of experience in role supporting technology (i.e. Marketing and Sales)

Event FAQs

How often do you have events?

We typically host anywhere from 17-20 events each year or 3-4 events per market.

How much are event tickets?

Tickets range in price anywhere from $20-$50. The price of tickets often depends on speakers, locations, sponsors and topics.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable; however, they can be transferred to another person if you purchased in error or are unable to make the event. We kindly ask that you please notify a member of the ARA team before transferring the ticket for security purposes.

How can I sponsor an event?

Please contact Britni Salazar ( if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring an ARA event.

What can I expect at an ARA event?

ARA events provide you with opportunities to meet other members, industry leaders and executives while being exposed to new information and/or skills through presentations, panels and roundtable discussions.