Reach Your IT Career Goals; Become a Mentee.

Whether you’re a few years into your IT career, or you’re a full-fledge veteran looking to take the next step, the guidance and insights of a senior executive could make an immeasurable impact. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to get a different perspective on career challenges from someone who has been there. That’s where ARA’s mentee program comes in. Your ARA mentor will help you set realistic goals, and then provide advice to help you achieve them.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a partnership between two people which supports a personal and professional development strategy.  Mentoring is a term generally used to describe a relationship between a less experienced individual, called a mentee, and a more experienced individual known as a mentor.  Mentoring can either involve a one-on-one relationship or a network of multiple mentors.

What is a Mentee?

A mentee is someone who is experienced in her area of expertise, but is looking for opportunities to grow and advance her career. Through advice, support and encouragement from a mentor, the mentee can learn tangible and intangible ways to improve her career from a trusted advisor.

Why Become a Mentee?

The benefits of partnering with a mentor can have a lasting impact on your IT career. Specifically, your mentor relationship can result in:

  • The perspective of an experienced senior IT executive
  • A support system to help you during important stages of your IT career development
  • Helpful identification of skills gaps or opportunities for further education and development
  • Insight into factors that impact short- and long-term career success
  • A strong foundation of a powerful career network, with relationships that can last throughout your career

Take the first step toward achieving your IT career goals.

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