Become a Mentor to Women in IT

Do you remember when you were starting out in your IT career? There were likely some uphill challenges. As you got started, and as your career progressed, maybe there was a confidante or senior leader who provided you with guidance and advice along the way. Or maybe you wish you had that type of person helping you reach your goals. That’s what ARA is all about.

What Is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a partnership between two people that supports a personal and professional development strategy.  Mentoring is a term generally used to describe a relationship between a less experienced individual, called a mentee, and a more experienced individual known as a mentor.  Mentoring can either involve a one-on-one relationship or a network of multiple mentors.

What Is A Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced person who provides information, advice, support, and encouragement to another person, often leading and guiding by example through her expertise or success. In a more general sense, a good mentor is anyone you can learn something from. Mentors serve as trusted and significant advisors, providing a sounding board for day-to-day issues encountered on the job and alternative perspectives on issues in terms of both problem identification and problem solving.

Why Be a Mentor to Women in IT?

There are incredible benefits to serving as a mentor with ARA, including:

  • Attracting women to the field of information technology
  • Retaining relationships with women in the information technology industry
  • Advancing the role of women in the information technology community
  • Building a lasting career network that strengthens the perception of women in information technology
  • Developing the professionalism to increase the likelihood of career promotions and other career moves
  • Providing access to a network and support system to facilitate professional and career development
  • Enhancing awareness and understanding of the importance of mentoring in career development and information technology
  • Facilitating the development of mentoring relationships for information technology professionals where mentoring is not readily available
  • Providing an opportunity for engagement in meaningful professional development activities
  • Linking women to diverse information technology perspectives and experiences
  • Enhancing women’s knowledge of career success factors and the importance of career networks
  • Developing emerging talent for future leadership positions

Become a mentor.

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