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Video Chat: Britni Salazar & Megan McCann Discuss ARA & Lessons Learned

When launching something for the first time or getting involved with a new group, it’s human nature to be somewhat anxious or curious about what to expect.  Britni Salazar has experienced conquering the unknown on many fronts. As the Marketing Communications Specialist at RIVS, a Chicago-based start-up that provides digital interviewing software, she manages all marketing efforts as RIVS continues to expand. She was also an early supporter of ARA, attending the majority of events in the past year.

Britni agreed to share some of her experiences from her involvement with ARA and lessons learned as a woman in tech with Megan McCann, ARA co-founder.

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As ARA celebrates its first year as a formal organization committed to attracting, retaining and advancing women in tech, there are certainly many lessons that have been learned from launching this initiative. However, there were even more lessons learned from the discussions with the women who have embraced the ARA community.

Do you have any lessons or career advice that you’d like to share with other women in tech? Please share in the comments section below.